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Current Music:none, library
Subject:grapefruit surplus
Time:01:14 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly
on the way back to the gspot my dad took me grocery shopping. we each had some grapefruits (8 for me, the other 8 for him). unfortunately there was cOnFuSiOn!!! and i somehow ended up with allllll the grapefruits. today this email showed up in my inbox....

subject: Grapefruits galore, but none for me (sob)

Hi Abigail,

Between the two of us we must have downloaded both bags of grapefruit into
the Conroy Crescent citrus larder. Here on Wineva, we are beginning to show
signs of scurvy. Must have grapefruit must have grapefruit.

love, Dad

hahaha! looks like i win at life this week.
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Current Music:soon is good - devendra banhart
Time:04:03 am
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
so much to do. midterm tomo but i haven't finished reading for it so i have to get up early to do that. i am thinking maybe skipping sleeping tonight makes the most sense because today i slept forever so it should balance out. i kind of hope that next year my new housemates will be up later because then i don't feel so insane when it's 4am & i'm running around the house like an owl. if owls could run.. ha.

this was pointless.. i am pointless... hmmm tomorrow is going to be a very long day. i am going to set up a plan now

k so hopefully starting at 7 am...

have a shower
get dressed
eat jello cup
take bus? or walk to school
get caffeine maybe in form of coffee
library, get book out .. read the chapters
class (evolutionary psyc)
back to brary, finish reading
library again, this time for death and sexuality paper...
so edit the paper and add intro/conclusion and post it
post message for death and dying
figure out what to do about geo
see what to do about cognitive development assignment
go home and SLEEP? or be social with housemates?

by the time i do all that it'll already be the NEXT day. :@ i really need to stop leaving everything until the last minute
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Current Music:shine a light - wolf parade
Subject:procrastination quiz time
Time:02:37 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
I feel sorry for people who... feel alone

By noon I'm usually... asleep & dreaming

Last night... was productive, for me at least

When I was six... i played a lot of imaginary games with my best friend & my sister

Next time I go to church... i don't go to church.. the next time i go would probably be for some ceremony like a wedding

What worries me most... is losing people i care about

When I turn my head left, I see... my suitcase and some shoes

What I miss most about the eighties is... i don't really

A better name for me would be... abby!!! or abi! or awby. i like nicknames.. Abigail is long

You know I like you if... i laugh around you

The family is... quirky

My ideal breakfast is... something i decide on and no one bugs me about

The weather here is...getting warmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes yes yes i love love love it
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Current Music:the body breaks - devendra banhart
Subject:the body breaks and the body is fine..
Time:10:56 pm
Current Mood:restlessrestless
ughhh. something's bothering me but i don't even know what it is exactly...i hate this. i feel so stationary. when i talk to lisa or gillian and they're all full of plans and i am just stuck. i don't know what i am going to do with my life. i want it to be the 50's so i can just get married and be a housewife and it would all be settled. mike says i am a child like it's a bad thing but when i think about it i'd almost rather be percieved like that because in some ways it's easier. i mean i can see how it's annoying to others but i'd just rather have someone else in control sometimes.

so tonight i was going to go to the ranch with gillian and diane and probably some other people but gillian's sick still and diane changed her mind. it's funny though because i don't mind not doing anything if everyone in my house stays home with me. but sometimes i'll be at school late and get home and they've gone and it's sad and lonely.

in school we watched a movie about a guy who submerged himself underground in a cave for six months. everyday he would run elaborate tests that monitored how his body was reacting to having no sun/clocks around. they showed him in his cave and it made me want to cry. i know he did it on purpose but for some reason it was upsetting to see him there all alone in the dark.
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Current Music:that great love song - the raveonettes
Time:09:55 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
weirrrrrrrd day today. i feel all floaty......head in a CLOUD

at adriana's urging i told julian about the napoleon thing at the bookshelf. i thought he'd be like 'oh haha neat'.. but he said he seriously wanted to do it.. i said i'd be his cheerleader and he asked me to watch the movie with him sometime. but he ALWAYS does the half-invite thing so i was thinking.. well that's nice, but will not happen...but then today i ran into him as i was leaving the library and he was very insistent that we take part in this. and he told his sister about it and she wants to do it too & she lives in another city. i didn't know he had a sister! but it fits i think...most guys with sisters are good around girls.

the other day i walked past the greenhouse and almost laughed out loud cause i remembered something graham said.. i don't remember what we were talking about but he told me 'i can curl up like a fern'... hahaha!
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Subject:getting spacier than, an astronaut
Time:04:23 pm
Current Mood:artisticartistic
i'm in the library
type type type type type
in a few minutes i'll have to get my book and do some work. but now i'm just wasting time
ran into lillian, gillian and diane. then justin and he made me late for class. it always takes a few seconds for me to recognize him, hes lost a lot of weight.

i have a kinder egg and sun is coming in through the window. i feel weirdly happy. why is it that such small things can have such a big effect?

fox riding a bike with moving wheels = the surprise inside the kinder

i watch too much tv now i think
gillian's a bad influence & so is alice when i'm at home. i don't like watching tv alone though because it makes me sad. well unless it's like a really good show or something. ahh i can't wait for the new antm to start!!! and gillian loves it too so i have a watching buddy. even diane is starting to like it! it's ADDICTIVE.

when i came back from reading week there was a letter from jen (timothys jen) waiting for me. i should have called her when i was home...ugh i'm a bad friend. she told me all this stuff that's happened in her life since i saw her last and it made me miss her. i dont want our friendship to just dissolve....

i dunno.. there's a couple friends from a while ago that i don't see anymore and it's depressing to think that i probably won't ever again.

time to do real stuff...ahh but i just wanna stare out the window and think...
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Current Music:forecast fascist future - of montreal
Time:03:49 am
Current Mood:sillypretty
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Current Music:lying is the most fun...her clothes off- panic! at the disco
Time:09:10 am
Current Mood:gratefulgrateful
it's a snow day & i love it!hmmm so i got 2 email valentines and one invisible one from julian. i'm going to pretend that all together they equal one real one from my secret lover that i just don't know about yet.

the rest of this week is going to be good! no more school, tonight going out with housemates celebrating end of school and then tomo going home for reading week cause i don't have class on fridays... yes yes yes :)   this makes up for being kinda down earlier.

now i get to go back to sleep!
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Current Music:ricky gervais podcast
Time:11:15 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly

i stole this survey from matrix man <3 and am doing it instead of my big presentation due MONDAY...thanks matrix man, thanks a lot.

a - accent: canadian. once i was on a radio station broadcasted to the states and they made fun of my accent!!

b - breakfast item: fruit and/or candy

c - chore you hate: making beds.. no point.

d - dad's name: Mark

e - essential everyday item: diet coke? or coffee.

f - flavour ice cream: strawberryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


g - gold or silver?: hmm i can't decide?!?! they're both pretty

h - hometown: toronto

i - insomnia: no. i fall asleep in about five seconds

j - job titles: coffee shop (timothy's, second cup), jewlery & gift store, henna/temporary tattooing, classroom assistant, etc.

k - kids: i think i will have one boy (older) and one girl. or if it's just one then a girl.

l - living arrangements: with my housemates right now, but parents and sister in april - start of fall

m - mom's birthplace: i actually don't know. her dad was in the air force so they travelled all over. i want to say Kansas though? but i'm not sure...

n - number of lovers you've had: number of lovers??!! uhh the word lover.. hmm.. does that mean sex? i guess 3?

 o - overnight hospital stays: i don't know, probably none

q - queer: i guess if it's a spectrum and 1 is Completely Straight and 10 is Totally Gay i am a 2 or 3

r - religious affiliation: atheist

s - siblings: one, Little Alice

t - time you wake up: ohhhhh well on average... 12.. b/c on some days early enough to go to school and some days very late maybe like 4-5 pm if i haven't slept in a while

u - unnatural hair colors you've had: nothing really exciting, just dark reddish

v - vegetable you refuse to eat: okra.. i HATE okra. and i don't like zuchini that much but i'll eat it under pressure.

w - worst habit: putting everything off until the last minute... procrastination

x - x-rays you've had: teeth at the dentist, chest for some reason i don't remember, and head when my neighbour accidently smacked me with a baseball bat while i was riding my bike.

y - yummy: popsicles

z - zodiac sign: Libra.. grace, balance and justice, thats me

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Current Music:we both go down together - the decemberists
Subject:Meet me on my vast veranda
Time:06:44 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
i lovvvve baths. so warm so nice. BATHS!!!!!!
last year my house had no bath... SAD. very sad. this year although the shower is in the furnace/freezer room, there is a bathtub in the other bathroom. it's weird though b/c it reminds me of a hotel room.. i don't know why. but it's still pretty good. i wanna be in there right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i'll miss gillian next year...she's graduating... she might live in toronto though..? i dunno what i'm going to do next year, i might stay in this house (diane will still be here) but it'll be different with gillian gone. i like hanging out with gillian..she's pretty much home whenever i am so i see her a lot, plus she's easy to talk to & makes me laugh. diane is always at her sport practices and moon's at his business conferences and gerard is never there. i guess there will be at least two new people next year, because gerard's in his last year also.

diana is graduating next year and then going to bulgaria for a while. and meredith is getting married and moving to the states. everyone's scattering.. well it's not like i see these people a whole lot but it's strange to think that i'll never see them again. oh well. i guess if you are actually meant to be friends you can stand to not live in the same city/area for a while.

i wonder what i'm going to do this summer?????? obviously get 'some kind of job' .. haha..( can't stop quoting the weasel!!)... i think i could work at the second cup by my house but the people who work there always seem kind of unhappy. maybe i should stop working at coffee places though, because then i drink too much coffee and am all jittery/bouncy when i come home. and then my parents get annoyed and then we get in a fight. vicious CYCLE.

i saw pictures of san francisco made from jello. from a distance it looked really cool! it was all lit up, very beautiful. but up close it was just blocks of jello. everything looks perfect from far away. (come down now) hhahaha

daniela's birthday is on valentine's day.. HAPPY almost BDAY daniela (if you're reading this) <3 <3 <3
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