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[icon] Meet me on my vast veranda - abi world
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Current Music:we both go down together - the decemberists
Subject:Meet me on my vast veranda
Time:06:44 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
i lovvvve baths. so warm so nice. BATHS!!!!!!
last year my house had no bath... SAD. very sad. this year although the shower is in the furnace/freezer room, there is a bathtub in the other bathroom. it's weird though b/c it reminds me of a hotel room.. i don't know why. but it's still pretty good. i wanna be in there right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think i'll miss gillian next year...she's graduating... she might live in toronto though..? i dunno what i'm going to do next year, i might stay in this house (diane will still be here) but it'll be different with gillian gone. i like hanging out with gillian..she's pretty much home whenever i am so i see her a lot, plus she's easy to talk to & makes me laugh. diane is always at her sport practices and moon's at his business conferences and gerard is never there. i guess there will be at least two new people next year, because gerard's in his last year also.

diana is graduating next year and then going to bulgaria for a while. and meredith is getting married and moving to the states. everyone's scattering.. well it's not like i see these people a whole lot but it's strange to think that i'll never see them again. oh well. i guess if you are actually meant to be friends you can stand to not live in the same city/area for a while.

i wonder what i'm going to do this summer?????? obviously get 'some kind of job' .. haha..( can't stop quoting the weasel!!)... i think i could work at the second cup by my house but the people who work there always seem kind of unhappy. maybe i should stop working at coffee places though, because then i drink too much coffee and am all jittery/bouncy when i come home. and then my parents get annoyed and then we get in a fight. vicious CYCLE.

i saw pictures of san francisco made from jello. from a distance it looked really cool! it was all lit up, very beautiful. but up close it was just blocks of jello. everything looks perfect from far away. (come down now) hhahaha

daniela's birthday is on valentine's day.. HAPPY almost BDAY daniela (if you're reading this) <3 <3 <3
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Time:2006-02-08 06:44 pm (UTC)
I always thought of baths as bathing in your own filth. Not a very pleasant picture! haha But I guess it's just as gross as swimming (and even SWALLOWING) pool water that has been peeed in! eeeeew

Anyway - thanks for the greetings! hehe Hopefully we can hang out soon (When's your reading week? I think mine is this coming week - Why don't I even know???? hahaha).

everything looks perfect from far away. (come down now)
So you're actually THINKING musically! that's sooo adorable! hehe

ok, ok - i'll stop rambling! talk to you soon! stay cool & love life!
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Time:2006-02-08 10:02 pm (UTC)
hahaha.. one day you will understand about baths daniela. they are amazing!

i'm going to be home on the weekend of the 18th...i wonder if that's my reading week? have to check. HARD.

anyway i'm sure i'll see you soon(ish)
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[icon] Meet me on my vast veranda - abi world
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