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Current Music:come into my world - kylie minogue
Time:04:35 am
Current Mood:uncomfortablejealous envy
i wish i wasnt shy. i have to do an hour long presentation in one of my classes soon, and i'm scared about that. i don't mind saying things in class usually but that's only for like a minute at a time. at most. an hour is so long!!! i run out of air if i have to stand up and talk in front of people for longer than five minutes. i feel like i'm going to have some kind of panic attack or something.

i was playing around with this bmi calculator http://www.biovox.com/calculators/fat.asp
and if you make it so that your bmi is in the 30s it says
Well the results are in and it looks like you are actually pretty fat. ... haha .. i think if i ever become a doctor i'll say that to the patients that i don't like.
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Current Music:i see spiders when i close my eyes - boy least likely to
Subject:im WHITE
Time:03:12 am
Current Mood:crushedcrushed
why did they capitalize WHITE...


WHITES are motivated by PEACE, seek independence and require kindness. They are typically quiet by nature, they process things very deeply and objectively, and they are by far the best listeners of all the colors. They respect people who are kind, but recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle.

WHITES need their quiet independence and refuse to be controlled by others. WHITES want to do things their own way, in their own time. They ask little of others, and resent others demanding much of them. WHITES are much stronger than people think because they dont reveal their feelings. WHITES are kind, non-discriminate, patient and can be indecisive, timid, and silently stubborn. When you deal with a WHITE, be kind, accept and support their individuality, and look for nonverbal clues to their feelings.

What Color Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Current Music:ooh la la - goldfrapp
Time:06:33 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
lately i've been so stressed out but now i feel kinda better. just had a nice phone convo with adriana what a good friend. i'm glad we keep in touch regularly b/c i don't even feel like she's in another city. so that's cool!

i came home this weekend mainly to spend some time with my family and stuff.. although alice wasn't there because she's in montreal. on the way to tdot i sat with diana on the bus and she showed me her scrapbook and i saw pics of her in her high school gang where they gangbanged the new kids. then she told me gossip about lambton people and we listened to her music for the rest of the way.

i saw 'the wild parakeets of telegraph hill' which is good! birds are cute and have a lot of personality. there was one scene where he was playing his guitar and singing and the bird was dancing.yesterday it was beautiful and warm and all the youth on queen st were coatless! and it's january.. WOW. today it's raining though.
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Current Music:number 1 - goldfrapp
Time:09:15 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
my dad sent me this ridiculous email today

Hi Abigail,

Thanks for the panda pics. Can anything possibly be cuter than a bunch of black and white fluffballs???????
You got mail from Jerry Peskett. Could this be the paycheque you've been waiting for??????? Or possibly a tiny flattened panda?????? Which would you rather have?????????

love, Dad

hahaha... i think this is why i go overboard on punctation, it must be genetic

little japanese girl with a seal hat vs a polar bear
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Current Music:someday -the strokes
Time:04:36 pm
Current Mood:uncomfortablestress
ugh. everything bad is happening right now. i odnt really want to talk or write about it b/c it makes me upset. i just wanna sleep so i don't have to think about anything. i don't know. a lot of this stuff i brought upon myself anyway so i should be able to fix but i can't organize my thoughts properly. i feel like im on another planet or something.. well tomo i have a day off of school so that's good.
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Current Music:just 2 guys having a good time
Time:05:47 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly
hmm i just ate this sushi that i got at zehrs and the avocado was all MUSHy and GROSS. blegh.

i saw lisa the other day which was nice b/c i haven't seen her in quite a while. then went to miko's to play and watch movies. arthur (tan coloured hamster) is SO CUTE i want to CRUSH HIM. mike punched me several times in the kneecap and elbow, causing severe pain. in return i maintained the tradition of destroying things at his house and knocked a glass onto the floor where it broke.

i feel a bit bad for gillian because she was supposed to have a date tonight but the guy hasn't called yet. but she thinks he might have meant next saturday so maybe. she's one of those must-find-longterm-boyfriend-rightnow girls i think because her sister is always in a serious relationship and she never is. so she puts a lot of pressure on herself and worries a lot about it. ahh i really like gillian but people like that make me anxious sometimes!

i had an embarassing moment today at the mall.. i walked through the mall on my way home, and this guy kinda ran ahead of me to hold the door. i was a little bit out of it and not thinking so i walked around and went out the other door, appearing very rude to the doorholder man. after i realized what happened i turned around and said i'm sorry i didn't realize and he just laughed in my face! it was just awkward because he had actually JOGGED ahead to hold the door for me and i was too spacey to notice at the time.

the mall was having a sidewalk sale.. horray! i got a belt so that my pants will not be falling down anymore because all my other belts have something wrong with them & for some reason i buy all my pants big enough so that i can pull them over my hips without undoing them. anyway this belt is made up of circles, and it's somewhat pretty i guess.
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Current Music:how soon is now? - tatu
Time:03:47 am
Current Mood:chipperlaughy
hahaha i completely forgot how much i used to like the Baby-Sitters Club.. until now! i found an amazing discussion on the books and the tv show based on the books. these people have literally analyzed everything about the series.. i did not realize how ridiculous it was until now!

for instance.. the parents of the babysitters had all these weird rules for them.. mallory was not allowed to wear sweatshirts with sparkles on them for some reason.. and mary ann had to keep her hair in pigtails for a long time until she eventually rebelled and cut it off.

and every book started with a physical description of each babysitter.. asian baby-sitter claudia had 'long silky jet-black hair and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.' and for jessi usually: 'she loved ballet and was best friends with mallory. and what else? well she was black, but we didn't care.' HAHA! any book that featured jessi basically went: wanna know something about jessi? she's BLACK! black BLACK BLACK!

From the message board....
Just one thing I was wondering about. Did anyone ever read a book that explained the Pike's and Ramsey's reasonings behind not letting them baby-sit at night unless it were for their own families? I mean, if they were worried about burglars and stuff that doesn't make any sense. Because, you know, I'm sure a burglar would go "Oh, it looks like Mallory's baby-sitting at her own house, so I better not break in. I wish she were baby-sitting at the Prezzioso's so I could."

Are you kidding? Mallory could easily put the kids to bed and invade the house's stash of glitter! And Jessi could get lost in the black of the night!

It was written as if Mallory and Jessi would be permitted to babysit at night when they hit the magical age of 13 - as if 'no babysitting at night except for one's own family' is just a commonly accepted standard for 11 yr olds. After all, both the Pikes and the Ramsey's had the exact same rule and it didn't seem as if the parents got together and discussed it or anything.

But I digress. My point is, if the Pikes/Ramseys were worried about burglars, did they really think a burglar would be reluctant to break into the Newton's place because 13 yr old Kristy Thomas was in charge? Did they think a burglar would be saying "Damn! If only 11 yr old Mallory was sitting tonight! I'm not gonna mess with a 13 yr old!"


hahaha... oh Baby-Sitters Club.. i love those books

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Current Music:wake up - hillary duff
Time:07:37 pm
Current Mood:predatorypredatory
abby says:
chris martin?

Alice...I met Chris Martin today says:
coldplay singer

i know
but where
did you see him in a 'van'?


van aka imagination

I won't tell you

was he with gwen
driving in the van?

her name is gwyneth

gwen for short

her name is gwenivere

where did you 'meet' chris???????????

it wasn't him
it was his twin
his name is Jort

what a terrible story
he hasn't got a twin

he is hungarian


she's just full of lies. a while ago she claimed that she saw gwyneth paltrow in a van, and that gwyneth smiled at her. i'm pretty sure that is untrue.

i have had a real celebrity encounter though. hillary duff stopped in at timothy's in the summer and sat at the patio. i am 100% sure it was her and i like her so it was extra exciting.
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Current Music:casimir pulaski day - sufjan stevens
Subject:goldenrod and the 4-H stone
Time:10:12 pm
Current Mood:jealousjealous
school has started!

productive, productive, i am productive
decided to get rid of my old textbooks, hopefully someone will want them

went to my class except a bit late. was confused about the door.. it seems like it's locked but really you just have to push it forcefully. anyway jon is in that class and also devin. i know jon from other classes that we've had... anyway after saying hi he said very kindly 'i had trouble with the door as well' and made me feel like less of an idiot because normally he seems very competent.

anyway that class is odd, no exam or tests... so there isn't any reason to take notes or remember anything. instead we have to submit a log book of notes at the end of the term and do an hour long presentation and report on a chapter in the text. some girl volunteered to go first so she has to prepare an hour's worth of stuff by next monday. i do not know why she would want to go first.

miami was so nice. i love how everything is open late and the weather was so perfect. one day we went to this pool which was built around a cave and i think the water was from a spring. you could go inside the cave and it was like a mermaid land.

i've started to call my cat Nino. this is adriana's fault, because she has a man friend called nino. michael has got a hamster now... everyone has a guelph pet except for me. i want a pet named NINO.

if you want to depress yourself, download Casimir Pulaski Day by sufjan stevens. sad sad SAD!! but very very pretty.
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Current Music:something to talk about - badly drawn boy
Time:01:12 am
Current Mood:awakeawake

tonight daniela's friend matt had a holiday party so i went with her to that. it was fun but i had to leave a bit early because our flight leaves in the morning.

oh and daniela's friend was the dj and when he wasn't there we hopped behind the table and pretended to be girl djs. and there was a girl there who was there last time who had really cute boots on, i want to steal them.

tomo is Warm Miami! horray!!!
i'm excited. sun sun sun. even though i might burn.
hmm i also want to paint my nails. for some reason they aren't all gone (no more nail biting?)... STRANGE.

i have just recently seen the first six episodes of the office. i love gareth! aka mackenzie crook

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                                                                    he was in pirates of the carribean. the bowlcut is superior to long & blond though.

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